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Welcome! I am an assistant professor at Georgia State University.  Before that I was a postdoctoral associate at the University of Toronto (Mississauga). Toronto is my alma mater, where I earned a BA and MA, before completing a Ph.D at Yale University in 2019. 

Starting in June 2024, I'll be on year leave from GSU for a Humboldt Research Fellowship at Universität Tübingen and the PONS group (sponsored by Prof. Dr. Hong Yu Wong). 

Much of my research is on the topic of practical intelligence, the specific form of intelligence that rational creatures exercise qua agents. The questions that arise in connection to this topic lie at the intersection of philosophy of mind and action, epistemology, and moral psychology. I have additional interests in these areas, as well as working projects in ethics, philosophy of emotion, metaphysics, and ancient philosophy. You can learn more about my research and teaching on this website, where you will also find a copy of my cv.

My email is



A bit more about me and my name: I was born Juan Sebastián Piñeros Sánchez, in Bogotá, Colombia. In the South American tradition, I was given both my parents's last names (cf. 'Gabriel García Márquez').


I immigrated with my family to Toronto, Canada in 2002. I met my wife at the University of Toronto while she was pursuing her MA there in 2013. When we got married in 2016, we decided to combine our last names (without a hyphen!). Hence, 'Piñeros Glasscock'.

Here's the way I would prefer my work to be cited in a bibliographical entry:

Piñeros Glasscock, Juan S. ---etc.----

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